Get to Know the FND Crew!

We asked each member of the regular FND crew 5 questions to help you get to know them better. The questions were:

  1. If you were to describe yourself as a dessert, what would you be and why?
  2. What’s your favourite cuisine?
  3. What is your favorite restaurant?
  4. If you could have any job, regardless of education and experience, what would it be?
  5. What’s your favourite Portland stereotype?
Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith, 24   

1. A banana’s foster. There aren’t many desserts that you set on fire, and I love energy and light. The mix of spices and heat reminds me of how I desire to be a positive and vibrant force in the world.
2. Mediterranean. I could eat hummus and roasted peppers dressed in olive oil every day of the week.
3. My current favorite is Tasty N Sons. It’s not brunch, it’s a culinary experience that your stomach will never forget. Trust me.
4. A storyteller, traveler, encourager and showering people with love. Combine all of these together and that’s where I see bliss in a career.
5. That everyone wants to know the name of the chicken that was used in their roasted chicken salad at the neighborhood bistro. Was is grass fed? Did it sleep on a pillow made with organic fibers? I like knowing where my food comes from, but people, let’s not get to ridiculous here…

Twitter: @taylorstaste
Blog: Come connect with me through faith, travel and the family table:

Mary Heberling

Mary Heberling

Mary Heberling, 23  

1. Mini fruit tart. They’re petite and sweet like me!
2. I’m a huge fan of Italian cuisine, but I’ve recently been enjoying some French dishes. Cheese, croissants, chocolate, macaroons, so good!
3. Current favorite restaurant in Portland is Piazza Italia in the Pearl. Delicious and the atmosphere is very authentically Italian, including many European soccer team jerseys pinned on the ceiling!
4. A cafe owner who makes their own desserts and becomes a well-known concert venue on the weekends for great local talent! I have a lot of passions haha!
5. We’re all flannel wearing hipsters who are snobs about coffee and microbrews. I have yet to own anything flannel, but my dad does make his own beer (with Hope and Robyn’s dad)!

Twitter: @marclair12

Bryony Owen

Bryony Owen

Bryony Owen, 23

1. A Victoria sponge cake or Garney’s Coffeecake. They’re both quintessentially British, like me!
2. I really love Mexican food.
3. There’s a great Moroccan restaurant in Wilsonville — Dar Essalam. It’s delicious!
4. I love baking, so I think owning my own bakery would be awesome. Or anything that let’s me travel the world.
5. I was going to say something about our coffee, then I saw this: The 30 Most Portland Things That Have Ever Happened in Portland.

Twitter: @bryony_owen

 Hope Fredregill

Hope Fredregill

Hope Fredregill, 24

1. I would be a cheesecake because it is classic, rich, and delicious.
2. I suppose Italian, because spaghetti is my favorite food, and there are so many other creative and delicious ways to prepare pasta.
3. Right now I’m loving Brix Tavern, the beet salad is incredible!
4. I would want to be the person that does ambush makeovers, specializing in vintage makeovers of course!
5. We don’t use umbrellas, a little rain never hurt anybody!




Robyn Fredregill

Robyn Fredregill

Robyn Fredregill, 24

1. Vanilla Ice cream. Always dependable and refreshing.
2. I really love seafood!
3. I’m so sad to say this, but Taco Bell will always have a special place in my heart. On the classier/more healthful side, really like Decarli in Beaverton. They have tasty polenta fries.
4. Air Force nurse
5. “Put a bird on it” from Portlandia. Because I literally put a bird on it (meaning me).


Annie Pettycrew

Annie Pettycrew

Annie Pettycrew, 24

1. Chocolate lava cake because I LOVE chocolate. Also, because the lava cake has a wonderful, mysterious center!
2. Mexican and Italian would be my two favorite cuisines. Probably because I love pasta and can’t get enough of Antonio’s guac and enchiladas!
3. I really like Macaroni Grill and for good Mexican food I like going to La Carreta in SE Portland.
4. Teacher, which is what I am studying to do!
5. Tree huggers. Oh yes.

Antonio DeVilbiss

Antonio DeVilbiss

Antonio DeVilbiss, 23

1. Mayan truffle because I am a mix of spicy and smooth. Oh and because I am half Mexican.
2. Tossup between Mexican and Italian.
3. BJs, because the food is always great. I have never had a bad meal there.
4. Major League Baseball Player! I have loved baseball since I was a little kid and I have always wanted to be in the majors.
5. Everyone is so concerned about recycling. Coming from California, Oregonians seem a little over the top with recycling.


Callie Sendek

Callie Sendek

Callie Sendek, 23

1. Neopolitan ice cream. A little something for everyone (unless you don’t like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or rocks…..).
2. Japanese. Sushi!
3. Jack’s Restaurant in Bishop California, where you can always count on a good burger and milkshake after great adventures in the Sierra!
4. Climbing rocks, studying rocks, melting rocks, shooting rocks with lasers.
5. That we are super outdoorsy and adventurous!


Twitter: @pdx_fnd


One thought on “Get to Know the FND Crew!

  1. Aurora DeVilbiss February 27, 2013 at 7:09 pm Reply

    Very, very cool!

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